Head Turn In-between Test

AMB Animation Academy presents this In-between test for users to download and practise making the in between drawings for a piece of character animation. The scene is a female character similar to the popular 'Disney Princess' style of characters doing a head turn action.

The test features 3 key frames and 2 break down drawings along with 3 in between images. the animation has been charted. The spacing chart has been numbered accordingly with the frame number representing the placement of the drawing in the time line of the respective animation software utilised by the user.

Instructions on how to complete the test can be found within the youtube tutorial. The test consists of 8 jpg images that can be imported into the user's choice of animation software or printed out and taped onto animation paper for those who would prefer to do a traditional test. (If this is your desired method then be sure to place a consistent mark, such as a cross on either side, on each image so that you can line them up accurately when taping them to your paper for use with an animation desk.)

The test can be made more challenging for the ambitious user by discarding the additional in-between drawings supplied and attempting to follow the chart using only the key frames and breakdowns. If an even greater challenge is desired - try using only the key frames and making the breakdown drawings yourself and then doing the in-betweening. Happy In-betweening!

Please note you will need a file extractor to unzip the contents of your package.

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